Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Getting ready!

Well everyone,its been a while since my last post.lots of work and 3d tourney's on the weekend.is everyone getting ready for the upcoming bow season?Horns are growing,foodplots getting tall?how is the heat affecting your deer numbers?with the 3d season over we gotta make sure that were all still practicing weekly,and not forgeting are form.With the heat lately the hogs are staying close to the water so finding they has been easy lately.with the opening of deer season in collin county this year i finally have a private land spot to hunt deer.ive got a feeder going already with alot of does already coming in daily.everyone stay safe and practice,practice,practice!

Monday, January 2, 2012


heres a compilation of deer footage from this year and some pics of deer harvested by friends

Friday, December 23, 2011

2011 buck

well finally got some horns on the ground.got to go to a friends lease in north texas,and was able to take a nice cull buck.the buck presented me with a 9yard broadside shot and only ran about 40yds

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

new deer lease

well my buddy and i have recently been given a new property to hutn on.So two weeks ago we scouted the property and put up a new tripod feeder.we also set up a game can to see what kind of animals where coming to it.So far we havent had much action but with the serious drought where having i dont think the deer have found it.The birds out there have been plentyful,We saw a couple hundred doves flying the pond in the last few hours of daylight,We are very excited to head out there opening day of dove season with friends and family to knock a few down.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Well sunday  we headed out to paris for my second asa 3d archery tourney.I qualified last week at the texins shootout in the hunter class.This weekend i made sure i was in the right division,I should have been in the novice class since this is my first year in asa.Archers for christ had a great course,The practice ranges were top notch.After signing in at 8:30 and shooting threw the chrono the official said that my bow was shooting to fast so i had to drop the poundage down just a hair.So then i had to hit the range and do a little fine tuning.After a few arrows i was dialed in and ready to shoot.They started me on target number 24 with two other guys and a teenager.I had a nervous start shooting two eights on the first two targets then i calmed down and started slamming in tens and twelves.By half way threw i had already shot six twelves and almost all the rest were tens.By the end i had shot the best round i had ever had in a 3d tourney.My final score was a 296.After waiting around for the award ceremony i ended up getting fouth place,missed taking home a check by one point,and missed taking home a buckle by 10.I was still happy with the end results,Just going to have to work on getting my arrows a little tighter in the bullseyes.heres a few pics of the shootout.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

a cast and blast sunday

well blake and i headed out to lake lavon this morning,we put the boat in at tickey creek.had a slow first couple of hours but when the wind picked up the sandbass started schooling heavily out on the points of the mainland.we caught 6 and the first spot and then moved to the second one and finished the morning there.We ended catching 20 sandbass with the biggest  a whopping 15 inches had a great time.So to end this day were headed out to the stand around 6:00 we just made a whole new stand setup on a gas pipe line using a pig pipe tied to a tree,Its been hit really hard the last four nights so we should have some good action tonight to get on film.A cast and blast day

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

2011 2nd weekend of turkey season

well my buddies and i headed out to jacksboro to my friends deer lease to do a little turkey hunting this weekend.Saturday morning was great we had alot of turkeys answering our calls,at daybreak we had a monster tom com out of the bottoms un announced about 100yds to our right,there was 4 hens eating corn under the feeder he ran over to them and chased them away.then had a group of three toms come in right behind us in the blind gobbling there heads off.You have know idea how loud those bird are at 7yds,they then came around to our right and presented me with a 17yd shot walking away and i drew back the z7 and sent my arrow flying.But wouldnt you know i blew it the arrow grazed his body clipped off a few feathers and i watched my tom run off  with a nice bare spot on his side.Then i got to spend the rest of the trip listening to my buddies,oh well it was still a great time.We didnt see any birds on sunday the wind was blowing probably 5o mph so they couldnt hear any of our calls.maybe next time i will be able to close the deal.

Friday, January 21, 2011

the last weekend of the 2010 duck season

well this is the last weekend to shoot the quackers.At 30 dollers a box for shells im glad, its been an exspensive duck season.We have had some good days out there on the lake and some not so good days.weve been stopped by the game warden every single time we were hunting out of the boat.We had a great time in gunner texas a couple of weeks ago,a group of four shot four canvasbacks and some widgeons,i got some video from it check it out.My buddy had a good hunt last weekend they shot four on a pond on the corps land.They are headed there in the morning,hopefully they will have a good hunt.I'm going to pass on the duck hunt so i can go hog hunting tomorrow night.I made a new infared feeder light so i can get better footage during my hog hunts.So hopefully i will have some new footage for you guys to enjoy.yall have a good night and remember to stay down wind.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

december 14th night hunt

well my buddy and i have been baiting for the last two weeks in a spot and been getting tons of pics on the game cam.Over two hundred in the last week.The only problem is that they havent been coming in at anytype of pattern.Last saturday when went spot and stalking for about 5 hours and didnt have any luck.So when we had the south wind come in yesterday we decided to c if the warm weather would get these hogs moving and it did.My buddy blake decided to hunt the feeder stand and i was in the ground blind on the pig pipe.Before i was even ready i had a massive pck of hogs right on top of me.15min!!As the crept in towards the bait i raised the z7 and let her rip smacking a 120lb sow right in the brisket leaving her buttocks,the arrow went threw her long ways it was awesome.The rage made an exit that i could put three fingers in.She ran for about 100yds and she was done

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Finally cold weather

well havent posted in awhile,Been hunting in a new location lately,A couple of weeks ago i had one of my game cams stolen off the tree.I had one on a huge game trail at the edge of a tank and my other one at the feeder where my stand was.The one at the pond was stolen but my other cam got a picture of the guy who did it.So  a buddly and i decided to move stands to a differnt location.We found a great new bottleneck between a fence line and a creek,I set up a ladder stand and a pig pipe the very first night i had a good pack of hog come in and pull up my pipe that was 2ft in the ground.They ate forty pounds of corn in a matter of minutes.My camera was just a clicking away.In the last 48 hours ive gotten over 139 pics of hogs.I'd say i picked a good one.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

2nd weekend of 2010 archery season

Well friends had a great weekend with the family out hunting on cooper lake on the wildlife management area.We all saw lots of deer over sat and sunday.Saturday morning my brother in law ad a young spike and a 6 point come to 15 yds from the blind but did not have a clear shot so he did not take it.That morning i was not able to find a tree in time before sunrise to use my climber,so i decided to just sit at the base of this large acorn tree,when i finally got all situated i sprayed some coon urine cover sent on a wick to mask my scent and had three coons come in they got too about five yards before i scared the crap out of them,gotta love the scentblocker leaf suit.About an hour later i started to see movement to my left threw the brush it was deer feet,So i picked up my bow and got on the other side of the tree where they could not see me.Then i hit the doe bleat and four deer looked up and headed straight for me.I hit the range finder on an opening in the brush where the would be walking into and it was 30yds on the button.There was a one year old pronghorn buck,a little button buck,and two doe headed right for my shooting window,my heart started to pound as i waited,so right when the largest doe walked into my lane i pulled my z7 back took a deep breath and let her have the rage tip, i hit her right past the shoulder, it went straight threw her with now hesitation and traveled about 40yds past her before hitting the ground.I could not believe the damage that the rage broadhead did to her.All the deer took off and after only 15yds my doe stopped and just stood there for about 30 seconds,my heart was just pounding waiting for her to fall,then she did!It was my first deer kill from the ground, i couldnt belive that the doe bleat made them turn and come right in.that was the only deer harvested this weekend but we saw three really good shooter bucks the were too far away, and lots of does.When the temp starts to drop cooper lake is going to get really good.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hours and hours of shooting at targets waiting for the opening day of bow season.One week till the day,The bow is shooting better than ever,my groups are so tight im breaking arrows.The wife,my buddy and i are headed to caddo lake to hunt on the type 2 land out there.In the previous years i have seen alot of deer out there,very nice bucks and alot of does.but i have not been able to close the deal, i either get winded or to far away.In 2008 i saw a monster eight point out there about 80yds from my stand, he showed his face twice one day, but never gave me a chance.A couple of months ago i bought my wife a new bow and she has been practicing almost every day.she's became very deadly out to 30yds with the glendale buck.I recently bought a primos ground blind for bowhunting.Very big and roomy.I've got a perfect spot for her out there.I pray that she will be able to harvest a great buck or doe.She's been lucky so far this season,after five years of dove hunting she finally got her fist one we were all so proud.This year ive decided to go high in the trees,going to take my climber up to 25 to 30 ft.With my scentlock clothing and getting up there i should be able to fool those big ole bucks.I also read a report that the hogs out there have really been getting bad so if one of them shows there face it will be the end of mister porkchop.So i wish the best of luck to all my fellow texas hunters for a bountyfull bowseason,just remember to have all your licenses with you,follow all state regulations,take your kids,fathers.sisters or new hunters out in the woods.Let them experience nature at its finest.So shootem straight and always stay down wind.Let me know  when you get a BBD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

farmers patience wearing thin

the crew had a good holiday weekend running the dogs.Mason House with affordable hogdoggin had twelve tied up or stuck this weekend.hes been running a new  pack of young dogs with some of the Ateam dogs trying to get them ready for the next few busy months.he said that he 's got some great new talent.new dogs really putting there noses to the ground and learning quickly by the older dogs,should be a really good year.Mason was telling me that the pigs have really been moving  deep out into the fields making the bays that much easier for the dogs.Been catching them  right out of the truck,then dogs breaking off and catching right again.So now is a good time to start glassing those fields looking for those swine,its the perfect way to sneek up on those pigs for an exciting spot n stalk

Monday, August 30, 2010

hello welcome to bustinhides bowhunting and hogdoggin blog.I welcome you to give me your two cents about hunting or anything related two the eradication of feral hogs.We must all do our part to stop the swine movement!!!!I will keep you informed with all the tricks of the trade that know,and feel free to let me know if you have any tricks up your sleeve to put those big ole boars dwn for the count and always remember to stay down wind and let the arrows fly or  the dogs to get ahead