Thursday, September 23, 2010


Hours and hours of shooting at targets waiting for the opening day of bow season.One week till the day,The bow is shooting better than ever,my groups are so tight im breaking arrows.The wife,my buddy and i are headed to caddo lake to hunt on the type 2 land out there.In the previous years i have seen alot of deer out there,very nice bucks and alot of does.but i have not been able to close the deal, i either get winded or to far away.In 2008 i saw a monster eight point out there about 80yds from my stand, he showed his face twice one day, but never gave me a chance.A couple of months ago i bought my wife a new bow and she has been practicing almost every day.she's became very deadly out to 30yds with the glendale buck.I recently bought a primos ground blind for bowhunting.Very big and roomy.I've got a perfect spot for her out there.I pray that she will be able to harvest a great buck or doe.She's been lucky so far this season,after five years of dove hunting she finally got her fist one we were all so proud.This year ive decided to go high in the trees,going to take my climber up to 25 to 30 ft.With my scentlock clothing and getting up there i should be able to fool those big ole bucks.I also read a report that the hogs out there have really been getting bad so if one of them shows there face it will be the end of mister porkchop.So i wish the best of luck to all my fellow texas hunters for a bountyfull bowseason,just remember to have all your licenses with you,follow all state regulations,take your kids,fathers.sisters or new hunters out in the woods.Let them experience nature at its finest.So shootem straight and always stay down wind.Let me know  when you get a BBD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

farmers patience wearing thin

the crew had a good holiday weekend running the dogs.Mason House with affordable hogdoggin had twelve tied up or stuck this weekend.hes been running a new  pack of young dogs with some of the Ateam dogs trying to get them ready for the next few busy months.he said that he 's got some great new dogs really putting there noses to the ground and learning quickly by the older dogs,should be a really good year.Mason was telling me that the pigs have really been moving  deep out into the fields making the bays that much easier for the dogs.Been catching them  right out of the truck,then dogs breaking off and catching right again.So now is a good time to start glassing those fields looking for those swine,its the perfect way to sneek up on those pigs for an exciting spot n stalk