Sunday, October 10, 2010

2nd weekend of 2010 archery season

Well friends had a great weekend with the family out hunting on cooper lake on the wildlife management area.We all saw lots of deer over sat and sunday.Saturday morning my brother in law ad a young spike and a 6 point come to 15 yds from the blind but did not have a clear shot so he did not take it.That morning i was not able to find a tree in time before sunrise to use my climber,so i decided to just sit at the base of this large acorn tree,when i finally got all situated i sprayed some coon urine cover sent on a wick to mask my scent and had three coons come in they got too about five yards before i scared the crap out of them,gotta love the scentblocker leaf suit.About an hour later i started to see movement to my left threw the brush it was deer feet,So i picked up my bow and got on the other side of the tree where they could not see me.Then i hit the doe bleat and four deer looked up and headed straight for me.I hit the range finder on an opening in the brush where the would be walking into and it was 30yds on the button.There was a one year old pronghorn buck,a little button buck,and two doe headed right for my shooting window,my heart started to pound as i waited,so right when the largest doe walked into my lane i pulled my z7 back took a deep breath and let her have the rage tip, i hit her right past the shoulder, it went straight threw her with now hesitation and traveled about 40yds past her before hitting the ground.I could not believe the damage that the rage broadhead did to her.All the deer took off and after only 15yds my doe stopped and just stood there for about 30 seconds,my heart was just pounding waiting for her to fall,then she did!It was my first deer kill from the ground, i couldnt belive that the doe bleat made them turn and come right in.that was the only deer harvested this weekend but we saw three really good shooter bucks the were too far away, and lots of does.When the temp starts to drop cooper lake is going to get really good.