Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday, April 10, 2011

2011 2nd weekend of turkey season

well my buddies and i headed out to jacksboro to my friends deer lease to do a little turkey hunting this weekend.Saturday morning was great we had alot of turkeys answering our calls,at daybreak we had a monster tom com out of the bottoms un announced about 100yds to our right,there was 4 hens eating corn under the feeder he ran over to them and chased them away.then had a group of three toms come in right behind us in the blind gobbling there heads off.You have know idea how loud those bird are at 7yds,they then came around to our right and presented me with a 17yd shot walking away and i drew back the z7 and sent my arrow flying.But wouldnt you know i blew it the arrow grazed his body clipped off a few feathers and i watched my tom run off  with a nice bare spot on his side.Then i got to spend the rest of the trip listening to my buddies,oh well it was still a great time.We didnt see any birds on sunday the wind was blowing probably 5o mph so they couldnt hear any of our calls.maybe next time i will be able to close the deal.