Friday, January 21, 2011

the last weekend of the 2010 duck season

well this is the last weekend to shoot the quackers.At 30 dollers a box for shells im glad, its been an exspensive duck season.We have had some good days out there on the lake and some not so good days.weve been stopped by the game warden every single time we were hunting out of the boat.We had a great time in gunner texas a couple of weeks ago,a group of four shot four canvasbacks and some widgeons,i got some video from it check it out.My buddy had a good hunt last weekend they shot four on a pond on the corps land.They are headed there in the morning,hopefully they will have a good hunt.I'm going to pass on the duck hunt so i can go hog hunting tomorrow night.I made a new infared feeder light so i can get better footage during my hog hunts.So hopefully i will have some new footage for you guys to enjoy.yall have a good night and remember to stay down wind.