Wednesday, December 15, 2010

december 14th night hunt

well my buddy and i have been baiting for the last two weeks in a spot and been getting tons of pics on the game cam.Over two hundred in the last week.The only problem is that they havent been coming in at anytype of pattern.Last saturday when went spot and stalking for about 5 hours and didnt have any luck.So when we had the south wind come in yesterday we decided to c if the warm weather would get these hogs moving and it did.My buddy blake decided to hunt the feeder stand and i was in the ground blind on the pig pipe.Before i was even ready i had a massive pck of hogs right on top of me.15min!!As the crept in towards the bait i raised the z7 and let her rip smacking a 120lb sow right in the brisket leaving her buttocks,the arrow went threw her long ways it was awesome.The rage made an exit that i could put three fingers in.She ran for about 100yds and she was done

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Finally cold weather

well havent posted in awhile,Been hunting in a new location lately,A couple of weeks ago i had one of my game cams stolen off the tree.I had one on a huge game trail at the edge of a tank and my other one at the feeder where my stand was.The one at the pond was stolen but my other cam got a picture of the guy who did it.So  a buddly and i decided to move stands to a differnt location.We found a great new bottleneck between a fence line and a creek,I set up a ladder stand and a pig pipe the very first night i had a good pack of hog come in and pull up my pipe that was 2ft in the ground.They ate forty pounds of corn in a matter of minutes.My camera was just a clicking away.In the last 48 hours ive gotten over 139 pics of hogs.I'd say i picked a good one.