Saturday, December 11, 2010

Finally cold weather

well havent posted in awhile,Been hunting in a new location lately,A couple of weeks ago i had one of my game cams stolen off the tree.I had one on a huge game trail at the edge of a tank and my other one at the feeder where my stand was.The one at the pond was stolen but my other cam got a picture of the guy who did it.So  a buddly and i decided to move stands to a differnt location.We found a great new bottleneck between a fence line and a creek,I set up a ladder stand and a pig pipe the very first night i had a good pack of hog come in and pull up my pipe that was 2ft in the ground.They ate forty pounds of corn in a matter of minutes.My camera was just a clicking away.In the last 48 hours ive gotten over 139 pics of hogs.I'd say i picked a good one.

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