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Monday, May 30, 2011


Well sunday  we headed out to paris for my second asa 3d archery tourney.I qualified last week at the texins shootout in the hunter class.This weekend i made sure i was in the right division,I should have been in the novice class since this is my first year in asa.Archers for christ had a great course,The practice ranges were top notch.After signing in at 8:30 and shooting threw the chrono the official said that my bow was shooting to fast so i had to drop the poundage down just a hair.So then i had to hit the range and do a little fine tuning.After a few arrows i was dialed in and ready to shoot.They started me on target number 24 with two other guys and a teenager.I had a nervous start shooting two eights on the first two targets then i calmed down and started slamming in tens and twelves.By half way threw i had already shot six twelves and almost all the rest were tens.By the end i had shot the best round i had ever had in a 3d tourney.My final score was a 296.After waiting around for the award ceremony i ended up getting fouth place,missed taking home a check by one point,and missed taking home a buckle by 10.I was still happy with the end results,Just going to have to work on getting my arrows a little tighter in the bullseyes.heres a few pics of the shootout.

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